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A Different Paradigm

BrandAid has one thing in common with most companies: when we first broke into our industry we thought we knew the secrets to our customer’s success. We had ideas and passion and training and plans; we simply needed the world to know about us. Well, we sure had a lot to learn!
Over the years, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience resulting in three convictions that define our philosophy and drive our model; a paradigm unique in marketing.
BrandAid is convinced these are the three secrets to your success:
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    Your business is your brand.

    Your business provides a product or service that people need or want. Whether you are selling real estate, manufacturing baseball bats, or servicing residential air conditioners, odds are you know what you are doing and you are really good at what you do. As your company excels in your field, you lay the groundwork for being recognized as a leader in your industry, and this is the foundation for your brand.

  • 2

    Your brand is your business.

    What people think, feel and believe about your business is far more impactful than the products or services your company offers. This public persona can trump even the #1 company in your industry! You may be the best at what you do, but its what people perceive and believe that matters most. Branding your business is vital because your brand is your business in the minds of your customers.

  • 3

    Business Branding Expert Needed.

    While you excel at running your business, BrandAid excels in shaping the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about your business in current and future customers. We help you establish and build brand identity through logo creation, style choices and website development. Crafting your message to resonate with your target audience across all your communication platforms is extremely important which is why nail this for you.

BrandAid is driven to help your company develop and implement an ongoing brand strategy to help your business succeed year after year…because your brand is your business!

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Some of Our Awesome Clients

We run into some of the greatest businesses with various backgrounds and industries. Even though we specialize in working with HVAC companies our client list is quite diverse.