Your Solution To IT Issues

Your Solution To IT Issues



Everywhere you turn you see one. In your pocket, on your desk, dangling from your wrist—it’s what we watch the news with, pay the bills with, tell the time with, plan our dates with—and it’s what your looking at right this very second. Like it or not computers have become an integral part of our everyday life.

But while we are seeing the computer from this side of the screen—what’s going on behind the scenes?

Imagine- some unknown hacker has just cracked your security code (yeah—the same one you use over and over for everything and never thought anyone would crack) and has broken into your personal files, making confidential information public in the process. Like a home invasion, the very thought of someone violating our privacy leaves us feeling uneasy, angry, and fearful. No one wants their data stolen or vandalized, but this is a sad reality that many people are experiencing. We here at Brandaid are so invested in our client’s safety and peace of mind that we felt it our responsibility to provide convenient access to IT services. Whereas we don’t personally have computer security specialists on staff, we are excited to have teamed up with a company who does, IT Solutions.

Meet Ron Schade. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Ron and his company, America Green Recycling, for over a year now. After building his new website, Ron brought up some concerns about his technology security. Since we are hosting his email as well, we were able to address his safety apprehensions with both his website and email. However, he needed a more extensive solution for his personal network. After our sister company stepped in and beefed up his security, Ron couldn’t be happier. Now that they are protected from outside attacks, he and his staff can rest easy in all their outside marketing endeavors.

From outside hackers to disgruntled employees, the threat to our virtual security is becoming more and more perilous. This heightened need for IT support is why we decided to partner up with IT Solutions. For only $30 a month per computer, the Service Plan ensures your company a discounted hourly rate and allows our team to remotely access your workstation so we can fix the issues immediately. Also, with the Service Plan, we take care of all that pesky maintenance that always needs to be done. Another service we offer include virus scanning and support services.

We at Brandaid are dedicated to meeting all our clients virtual needs, so we are very excited to now offer IT services. If you are interested in using our awesome IT support, or if you would like more information, we would love to speak with you! Contact us today and sleep easier tonight knowing your website is in good hands!

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