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Want to Better
Understand Google?

Search Engine Marketing [SEM] is foundational for your online marketing strategy and driving more business to your website. SEM includes many facets including ad placement, landing pages, sales copy and much more. SEM is the building blocks to a solid Google strategy.

What is SEM & How Do You Measure Up?

We’ve put together an analysis tool that will measure your “SEM Score”. This will help you analyze what your business is doing and what needs to be improved. Fill out the form below to see how your business measures up.

Bonus #1 – 20 Minute video tutorial on Google analytics.

Step by Step guide on setting your site up with Google analytics and page indexing

Is Social Media for Me?

Many business owners are still unsure whether social media will work for their business. This questions will be answered for you.

Facebook the Ultimate Tool

We will cover a specific strategy that is powerful. It’s free but you have to do it correctly. We help you to set yourself up for success.

20 Videos Packed with Info

This course includes video, step-by-step instructions on what the big boys don’t want you to know about online marketing.

Stick in People's Minds

Branding can't be overlooked because it will seriously hamper your ability to be remembered by your customers.

Create the Right Content

Content creation really doesn’t have to take a lot of time. In fact, the methods that I want to show you are super easy to implement.

Creating an Action Plan

We have to personalize the information in this course so that it will work for your business. This isn't a magic bullet, it's a science.

What we know is the specific steps needed to be taken to get endless referral leads from Facebook and we are going to teach you how in this comprehensive course.

Bonus #2 – The top 5 common mistakes people make with Google

This document is worth the 5 minutes it will take to uncover common mistakes with your SEO