Smarter Not Harder: Buffer

Smarter Not Harder: Buffer


Last week we began a three-part series called ‘Smarter Not Harder.’ The previous article put a spotlight on Canva, a free website in which we use to create our own personalized graphics. If you missed last week’s article, just click here to check it out! The purpose of this series is to highlight a few of the websites that we use here at Brandaid to work smarter, not harder.

Social media sites have opened up a whole new world of marketing possibilities for businesses- but in order to effectively reach our target audiences, we must actively engage our virtual community often. And who has time to log in to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ three times a day every day? Thankfully, the creators of Buffer saw our need and met it!


Buffer brings many of our social media sites all to one spot, which makes posting across multiple networks fast and painless! What’s even better about this website is their ‘queue’ feature- you can schedule out a week’s worth of posts in just a few minutes time. The free account with Buffer allows for ten posts to be in the queue at a time. You also have the option to ‘upgrade to the awesome plan’ for $10 a month for unlimited space in your queue. Also upgrading from the free plan allows you to access your favorite website’s feeds directly from Buffer and . However- so far the free plan has been more than adequate to meet our social marketing needs.


“…you can focus your Social Media efforts on, well being social…” –Buffer


Since we don’t pull our content straight from Buffer, it sometimes is difficult to find high caliber articles to share. There are a few websites that have helped immensely in my search for relevant, quality information to share on my social networking sites. LinkedIn Pulse always is stocked with up-to-date posts that I love to fill my Buffer account with. Panda is another content platform that has been extremely useful. Panda allows you to search through several different news sites at once, like Hacker News, Awwwards, and Product Hunt. When these two sites don’t provide quite what I’m looking for, I go back to an article posted by Buffer, ‘Closing Down Buffer’s Suggestions Feature: Here’s Why and What’s Next,’ and try one of the other blog sites they suggested.


Not only does Buffer provide the means to post to multiple sites on a schedule, but it also offers a way to see how effective the content being posted is at reaching our followers. In the Analytics tab, we can quickly scroll through past posts and see not only which ones were liked, but also which links were even clicked on! This feature is extremely helpful for those of us who are unsure exactly what kind of content will draw in our client’s attention.

We’re not the only ones loving this social media assistant! Here are just a few things others are saying about Buffer!


“If posting to all of your social network accounts has become too much work — especially for your work accounts — then you should really give Buffer a try. It’s far better than I thought it would be, and I hope that you’ll find our social network posts… more timely and interesting thanks to my newfound love for Buffer.” –Matthew Guay


“[The analytics function strikes] a nice balance between home and small business users, offering enough information to be helpful… without overwhelming you.” –Liane Cassavoy



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