The Dangers of Shared Hosting

The Dangers of Shared Hosting

At Brandaid, we are committed to providing you with dedicated hosting for your website. This is a much safer option than shared hosting, which is often offered by companies who provide hosting services for very low prices. While the cost of shared hosting can be appealing, there are also some downsides to share hosting that could prove to be detrimental in the long run. Here are some of the dangers of shared hosting you should be aware of.

Shared Hosting Can Ruin Your Reputation

It’s pretty easy these days to find hosting for a low price. After all, the market is saturated with shared hosting companies that are always offering some sort of deal or promotion. However, this could prove to be a gamble for you in the long run.

For instance, if a website that is constantly marked for spam or phishing and is sharing hosting with you, your website could get a negative reputation as well. This can also hurt your search engine rankings, and cause potential customers and business partners to question your level of professionalism.

Shared Hosting Makes You More Open To Attacks

If other sites that are on the same server as yours are being attacked, your website is in danger as well. This is especially the case if your server and web host are not secure, and the less you have to pay for hosting, the less secure your website will be, in most cases. Unless you send several emails to your support host detailing the issues you’re facing, and can refer to this chain of emails when you’re trying to get the issue resolved, you may never be able to make your website safe unless you choose dedicated hosting.

Your Website Will Run Slowly With Shared Hosting

A number of shared hosting sites advertise the fact that they offer high-speed service. However, it’s highly unlikely that your website will run quickly as a selling point. This, however, is usually not the case. According to Google, the speed of your website will affect your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings, which could have a negative impact on your online business and website ratings.

Shared Hosting Increases Your Chances of Being Affected By Malware

When you use a shared hosting service, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll experience some malware issues, especially if other sites using the same hosting system have been affected. It is common for dynamic websites to be attacked, particularly websites that are PHP-coded, like WordPress. If you’re not able to monitor and scan the files on your website on a regular basis, you’re very likely have an “infected” site, and Google will flag your website, indicating that is contains malware. This is certainly not good for business and could damage your professional reputation.

If you find yourself on the malware list, it can be very difficult to get off, and you’ll likely have to get assistance from an outside company to complete the task.

For more information on how dedicated hosting could be best for your website, contact a professional from Brandaid today.

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