5 Search Engine Optimization Tips You Need Right Now

5 Search Engine Optimization Tips You Need Right Now

When new site owners look at everything they need to do to get their site up and running, the first hurdle they try to clear is search engine optimization. They want to know everything that they have to do to get the search engines to rank them at #1 right away. Instead of resorting to baseless tricks and gaming, try out these five tips to get your site in the best condition possible for the search engine wars.

Make Your Site Accessible

In the past, your site’s format was purely aesthetic. You wanted it to look good for your visitors, of course, but it wasn’t a huge blow to your rankings if your site was tough to view on a mobile phone, for example. Google recently trotted out a metric though that checks your site for accessibility. Without mobile accessibility, and that means for tablets, too, Google can slap your site with some hefty analytical penalties. So one of the biggest benefits of making sure your site is mobile accessible is that your SEO rankings won’t suffer.

 Use the Title Tag

Lots of webmasters don’t use the title tag at all. This is a little piece of HTML tag that highlights your title for search engines. It’s best to have that tag at the very beginning of your post pages, and most platforms support that already. If you hard code your own HTML, though, you might be missing out. Be sure you’re using that tag and placing it at the top of those post pages. And to get the most out of your SEO efforts, be sure your keyword phrase for that post is in the title tag, preferably toward the beginning.

 Write Great Content

You hear it over and over; content is king. But people keep saying it because it’s true. You can engage in clickbaiting or all sorts of other tricks, but if your content is no good, no one is going to stick around on your page. And that means that no one is going to be checking out your advertising, either. Why would they? They came to your site to get valuable information, and there’s none to be found. Make sure that you put solid, informative content on your site and link internally to related pieces.

Make That Content Unique, While You’re at It

You found some good content out there, or maybe some PLR that’s well written, and you want to use that. Don’t do it. It takes more than just slapping up some content, particularly if others have access to the same content. Google has said over and over that they don’t ding sites for duplicate content. But the reality is that when people are marketing the same products over and over with the same content, the rankings for everyone suffer. Make the content you’re using unique to your site. Add personal information and details. Don’t be afraid to add solid facts from reputable sources. That makes your content stand out to both the search engines and to real readers.

Keyword Ratio Isn’t as Important

Back when websites were still a new concept, keyword ratios were all the rage. Believe it or not, they aren’t nearly as important now as a lot of webmasters seem to think. You don’t want the percentage too high, of course, because that winds up looking like keyword stuffing, both to the search bots and to your readers. Use your keywords a normal amount of times within your pages without going overboard and don’t worry about counting every single one.

When it comes to search engine optimization, think about your target audience and what they want most. Ask yourself what you would want if you were looking for information about your niche topic. Then go out and give those readers what they want and they’ll come to you.

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