An Element to Success: Marketing Through Social Media

Marketing Through Social Media

Whether a business is in it’s beginning stages or has been in operation for years, social media creates a unique opportunity for advertising. Unlike expensive billboards and commercials, social media allows businesses to connect to their key audience and extend their reach to new customers. Social media permits space for creativity and is relatively easy to operate without any training. Understanding why social media is essential to a business and utilizing it correctly not only helps one gain a larger profit. Correctly using this media also gives one the satisfaction of representing their business positively.


Free, Effective Advertising

Most social media websites are free, or a reasonably low price. This is great for small businesses that may struggle with price management when it comes to advertising. Traditional advertising, such as a television commercials, are expensive. Even a low quality commercial can put a business back by thousands of dollars and it will only reach a small audience. Also, if it’s made low-quality, a TV commercial could actually have a negative effect on a business leading to the potential loss of customers. Social media, on the other hand, is inexpensive and reaches customers from all over the globe, and one can always change and update their advertising with the times.

Another priceless benefit of social media is that a person can clearly see their marketing audience with ease by checking the people who “follow” or “like” the company’s social media accounts. Through that, it’s much easier to get to know the customers better. If a business is just starting out it’s essential to know the audience they are advertising to, that way customers can share with others the link to the profile resulting in a growing customer base. Social media allows for one to post in a matter of seconds, making it the fastest advertising market.

Communication with clientele and competitors is key to helping a business grow. Social media allows for a safe way to share information with others, and learn what one’s audience likes and dislikes about certain brands. These days many places have a social media account for their fans to follow; following other businesses can help keep an eye on the competition. Most of all social media creates a place for conversation, it makes marketing a personal experience–and not just for the consumers.


Endless Possibilities

Good management of a social media account nearly guarantees good business. The internet allows creative and innovative thinkers to portray their company through various platforms. Whether it be videos, pictures, or articles the way one can advertise is almost endless, but most of all it’s effective. All sorts of demographics use the internet so when an article or video catches their eye, they are more likely to remember a brand, opening up a whole new audience. While extending an organization’s reach, it is also important to keep a good reputation.

As it was mentioned earlier, bad advertising loses customers. Anything that is low-quality or does not accurately portray a company is harmful to it’s reputation. One bad advertisement has the power to possibly ruin a business. Social media allows for high-quality marketing, posts can be edited and deleted, and there’s more room for personalization. Never again does one have to worry about sending the wrong idea about their business. Social media is simple to operate and, when used appropriately, it opens doors without tightening a budget.

No matter what kind of business someone runs, media is key to it’s success. Social media makes advertising fun, easy, and profitable. Through it a company can learn and grow while extending their reach to places it couldn’t get to before. Traditional advertising is no longer practical and may be detrimental to an organization. Social media has allowed success for thousands of businesses to flourish and connect to their audience. It has the power to turn a small business into a giant enterprise almost overnight.

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