Navigating the World of Modern Social Media

Understanding Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to reach your customer base today. The way business is done has now come full circle in recent years and many big businesses are dealing with people one-on-one again. Only this time, it’s over a computer screen. Your social marketing strategy plays a big part in whether your business fails or succeeds. In this day and age it is imperative that you have presence on social media. Companies need a lifeline that connects their customers to them. These media resources also help keep a pulse on what the people are feeling, this can be utilized very effectively.
Social media is a juggernaut in modern industry. Just several years ago, a certain cookie company received millions of dollars in free advertisements by creating a tweet that went viral during America’s biggest football game. The phrase “you can dunk in the dark” provided an instant boost in sales. The entire proposition was conceived and executed in only a few minutes. This shows the power of modern media. When properly harnessed it is an amazing vehicle for getting your message across. Marketing tactics are constantly changing, but one thing always seems to stay constant: if you are edgy and cool enough, your product will sell.


The Important Role Of Management

These marketing strategies have to do with management as well. Different managers have different strategies for addressing social media. This kind of dialog is particularly useful in a crisis situation–but it can also cause a crisis itself. Several years ago there was a viral picture that showed a picture of a sign on a restaurant stating that black patrons had to pay an extra surcharge due to recent robberies. This is was fake of course, but the damage was already done. Thousands of angry tweets and comments later the major corporation issued an apology. All of this over a fake picture prank.
Modern media can be an advertising dream, but in that case it turned out to be a nightmare. With messages that spread so quickly, companies have to careful about what they say. There have been plenty of companies that have major snafus on modern media, only to regret it. When a mistake is made, it takes a good PR person to steady the ship. Otherwise make sure that your company is ready to pay, both in reputation and compensation. This is one of the reasons why having a good PR team is so important, things spin out of control quickly in the modern age.

Side-Step Disaster

Good management of a PR situation comes down to how experienced your handlers are. In a crisis there is no time to think, only time to react. Companies that get on peoples good side have learned the art of sidestepping a potential disaster. While these tools are important, it may be better to avoid the crisis all together. Choose good people to work with and surround yourself with the right team. In the end you will find that this initial investment in people will pay large dividends.

When it comes to managing a successful business, a good team is worth its weight in gold.

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