The Power of Video Testimonials

The power of video testimonials is incredibly important to your business, and I know first hand. Have you ever been browsing a website and saw their testimonials and wondered, “Are these fake?!” I know I have. Fake testimonials are easy to create and sign random names to, but video…that’s a different story. Not only can you video testimonials but your can feature your work in the video with cut away “B-role” footage doubling as a portfolio of experience. People love to watch videos especially if they are well done.

I posted an article a year ago about tips on shooting video for marketing that you can check out here – Video for Social Media

Video Doesn’t Have to Be Award Winning

I have shot with expensive equipment all the way down to my iPhone on the spot, and let me tell you that it doesn’t make a difference if you know a few tricks. One that I will share with you that is not only effective but also cheap. Shooting with your phone doesn’t have to be terrible in quality as long as your audio doesn’t suffer. People will suffer through poor visual quality before poor audio. There’s something about bad audio that makes a viewer click “NEXT”! One trick I’ve learned is to use the headphones that come with your phone that has a mic that your can clip on your shirt. I carry a pen in my polo everyday and I’ll clip the mic under the pen and let the ear buds dangle free so that I have direct clear audio to my phone. Pretty sweet huh?!

I recently picked up a very good account because a local company saw a friend they knew in a testimonial video on YouTube! Yeah, that’s real money in the bank for just about half a day of shooting and editing the content. Not to mention the mileage you get from having it visible on YouTube. I often send prospects interested in hiring our firm these vids via email so they can see what others have experienced. Just remember, it doesn’t need to cost you anything more than your time to set up the appointment.

Video Testimonial Stats Are Very Compelling

Watch an example of a video testimonial – Click Here!

Even  fake testimonials [not that we condone that] are better than none but check these stats out:
Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for all types of content marketing, with a rating of 89%.

Eighty nine percent effectiveness rating is nothing to sneeze at. In fact, it’s the kind of number that’s making marketers sit up and pay attention.

Compared to making an educated guess – knowing that video testimonials are doing more than other types of contest is pretty important. It reinforces what we’ve witnessed with the explosion of online video consumption. Video has clearly positioned itself as a tool to connect viewers with their brands by fostering trust and loyalty, two things that can be hard to come by without the right marketing.

Video has been doing what text alone cannot. We’ve seen video in action for the past few years, and this just confirms what we’ve known, and gives us something to pass on to our boss when they need a gentle nudge to trust what we’ve been saying.

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