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Search engines receive over one billion queries a day, returning pages of results to searchers. Whether your website provides services, sells products, spreads information or develops content, elevating your website ranking is vital to success. There are several methods to position a listing well on search engines. Creating a backlink plan is an effective method to drive traffic to your website.

Search engines collect content from every page on the internet, rank that content by its relevance, and positions listings on their pages. Factors that impact the ranking of the listing include the number and quality of links back to a page. A high number of backlinks prompt search engines to conclude that a site is popular and contains quality information.

There are several ways to achieve backlinking to a website, from letting the backlinks develop naturally and organically to aggressive Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google recently redesigned its search engine algorithm to bypass links it considers spam or mass purchases from questionable sources. The following methods will pass Google search engine standards. Don’t forget to link to a variety of pages on your site, not just the home page.


How to Effectively Submit Articles

Submit articles as a guest poster to popular sites in the fields of SEO, social media, blogging, technology and design. Create high quality, fresh content and your chances of appearing on the site rise. Alternately, create controversial content to ignite backlinks. There are significant guidelines to meet, but a guest post on these sites will generate a large number of useful backlinks.

Forums and Discussion Boards

Start relevant threads on quality forums and discussion boards with links to your website. Use the signature area to backlink to your site.

Ask and Answer Questions as a Guest Poster

Post on sites designed to allow questions and answers. Link to your website when asking a question, and use information from your website to answer questions.

Syndicate Your Articles for More Advanced SEO

Submitting one article to various publications is syndicating an article. Recent Google changes mean that a backlink will only occur the first time an article is published. The algorithm has changed and rejects multiple copies of the same article. It requires fresh content to earn a backlink.

You too can create quality backlinks to your website as a component of your SEO strategy will drive traffic to your website and increase your ranking on search engines.

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