Why Are People Choosing to Opt Out From Email Lists

Constant Contact did a survey recently about the reasons why people unsubscribe to your emails and I think the reasons might surprise you. They asked 1,400 consumers, “So why are people choosing to opt out from email lists?”. Here’s what they had to say:

  • 69% Too many emails from the business/organization
  • 56% The content is no longer relevant
  • 51% The content wasn’t what I expected

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Too Many Emails From the Business/Organization

So the first one we can’t do anything about nor can we predict what any one individual in interested in or has a need for. The third though let’s take a closer look at what we CAN do about that.

Subscribing starts with a sign up form. Now, do you have your lists divided into categories of need or interest or are you a one size fits all kind of list builder? Used to it was okay to just add people to the list and use the shotgun approach but not anymore. Remember the first reason mentioned above? Too many emails! I know that I’m super protective of my email because the minute you don’t the flood gates open.

The Content Is No Longer Relevant

I know that I said you can’t control what is relevant to the person on the other end but I contest that you can at least hedge your bets. From time to time you need to consider sending out your list of subject matter for email capaigns asking the recipient if they would like to review their subscription to your newsletter. Give them a chance to decide if they would rather receive email from you on a different parallel subject.

There’s also, no reason you can’t ask unsubs why they are heading off into the sunset. Most of the time, the fact that you care ads more of a human element connection to your touch point in the sales process. Make sure you aren’t a jerk about it and approach it in a way that is inquisitive and purely for enlightenment.

Why Are People Choosing to Opt Out From Email Lists

Don’t look at unsubs as an indictment on your competency or likability, people are busy and will stay in touch one way or another. This is all the more reason to be active on social media, blogging, and generally available online. Just be sure you don’t get too comfortable because your competition is also looking to do business with your client.

In the skills section of this module we will be taking a look at how to build a list with subscriptions forms and lists.

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