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Do you have an online business that you’re interested in marketing? Or a blog you would like to promote? If so, it’s a good idea to look into software that can not only sign up your customers and readers but keep them organized for you in a convenient database. That way, when you want to send out mass emails or promote a specific blog post, you’re done with a few clicks. Especially as your customer-base grows, you will find this type of software increasingly useful. Some companies offering these services even allow you to track your marketing progress and can show you graphs and charts that depict how your marketing techniques are faring in comparison to hits and revenue.

With a quick search, you’ll find that there are many options available for marketing software and many which claim to have easy email campaigns and easy email newsletters for you and your business. One such site is AWeber Communications, and in this review, we will be discussing their software package and consequential success-rate for marketing businesses online. Easy email newsletters from AWeber have made my life much easier. It doesn’t have everything but it’s pretty close.

To see the newsletter tutorial to see what it’s about scroll to the bottom before you’re done here is you’re a visual learner such as myself.

Some of what AWeber offers includes: easy email newsletters with multiple template options, RSS to email options, performance tracking, and top customer support. Other available marketing options include website signup forms, autoresponder follow up (to send sequences of emails automatically when needed), and the ability to send easy newsletters with over 150 pre-designed HTML templates. As a side note, using templates are an especially good idea, as they give the look of your emails and newsletters a professional edge.

Additionally, if you have a blog (and it’s a good idea to have one to promote your business and official website) and you want to translate your posts’ messages into emails for your readers or customer-base, AWeber offers a quick and simple option for turning RSS into email. If you’ve ever tried this conversion yourself, you’ve probably remarked that it can be a headache, so this feature is especially nice.

With AWeber’s marketing, you will also get performance tracking software to observe followers and sales over time in relation to the different marketing techniques you’ve employed. Either continue what’s working, or rethink some of the tactics that look like they’re not producing results–no use in making the same mistakes more than once; put your time and energy where it will count.

Finally, the ability to contact customer support readily at AWeber is a key feature of their services. You can contact them by email, phone, or even instant message.

If your business is ready for the next step and you’ve considered finding a reputable company to work with in marketing your products or services through easy email marketing, AWeber is definitely an option to consider. With already more than 120,000 businesses boasting their software, they must be doing something right.

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