SubmitYourArticle Pros and Cons

I recently spoke to a representative for and I had questions about whether or not duplicate content would in fact hurt my SEO results. My other general concern expressed was the fact that when I submitted my article for 2$ most of the sites where it was submitted had a PR rank of either N/A or 0 and I was concerned about the quality of their network. Below is her response.

“We do not own the article directories in our distribution network apart from our own article directory: We’re always looking for new quality article directories to submit to and our distribution network is regularly updated.

Our distribution network is comprised of wide variety of sites – both large and well known article directories as well as much smaller and newer ones. The distribution of an article is based on the topic/ category of the article – meaning that it is sent out to article directories which carry similar content and category of articles. Obviously the $2 one time article submission option is a limited distribution to only 100 article directories while the Bronze and the rest of the membership options allow you access to wider distribution network of around 300 article directories.

We do offer distribution to the largest article directories out there such as Ezine Articles, Go Articles, SooperArticles et, but this is a feature of our Silver and Gold level memberships only.

We don’t generally find it an issue having the same article on lots of directories (even if lower ‘class’ directories) as long as (a) the content itself is good quality; and (b) the person uses article marketing as part of a broader link strategy (i.e. not just using article marketing, but also eg. press releases, video submissions etc.). There is a lot misinformation around relating to ‘duplicate content’, but the penalty only applies to a single website that publishes the same content multiple times – not to multiple websites publishing the same content. If lots of sites are publishing the same content (eg. an article, press release, or whatever), which is very common, Google for example will tend to pick what they consider to be the ‘originator’ of that content to act as the primary source within their results. It doesn’t negatively affect the site being linked to (presuming the site in question has a generally varied and balanced link profile).”

After this explanation I was much more at ease about their network and then upgraded my account to the Bronze level. The number and quality of sites at the Bronze level was much better and for this reason I’m able to share this resource with you guys. I never want to recommend something I’ve never used in my own business.

SubmitYourArticle Pros and Cons

 So SubmitYourArticle pros and cons are pretty clear to me at this point. Let’s deal with the pros first, the interface is user friendly with great documentation for any questions that may be looming. The other is the pricing is very reasonable for the time and effort it saves. The cons is the amount of value you get for the $2 and even the Bronze package. I wish the offerings were just a bit more extensive but hey, it’s $20.  Overall I like their platform and service.
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