Squarespace Pros and Cons

Squarespace, launched in 2004, is a paid website builder with which anyone–from someone opening an online business to someone who simply wants to display his art portfolio online–can start a website quite easily. You may have seen Squarespace ads on YouTube or heard them on your favorite podcast, because they often offer a free trial as incentive to start using their services.

If you have considered creating a website for your personal or business needs, there are certainly many options before you. Some website builders like blogger.com or wordpress.com are free and others like wordpress.org and, of course, Squarespace, are paid. Those that are free can make you a functioning, decent looking website most often with pre-designed templates that cannot be altered too much. The advantage of paid website building software like that of Squarespace, is that you can pick a pre-designed template and leave it, or alter it, at will. When you pay for a website, there are usually more options with layout, colors, fonts, sizes of headers, images and videos, and you can create as many “pages” (an “about” page, a “news” page, a “contact” page, etc.) as you like. There is also, of course, always the option of creating your own website by being a master of code–which is decidedly more difficult–and this allows you to do literally anything you like in terms of design and function.

Squarespace Pros and Cons

As a whole Squarespace has many pros but a few cons as well. Certainly a pro is that the Squarespace themes are super classy. Lines are tight and sharp with almost no “noise.” Once you pick a basic theme, Squarespace designer allows you to alter almost anything you’d like. This is impressive and extremely useful, because you really don’t want your website template and design being virtually identical with another site. With the designer, you can re-size and rearrange whatever you want, whenever you want; it’s generally simple drag and drop.

Squarespace Cons

Cons include the fact that Squarespace is a paid website builder, and if you just want a place to showcase your work or have a cool blog, you may want to stick with a simple wordpress.com page which can be just as classy if done right. Also, there are a few quirks with the layout design workings. For the most part, it’s drag and drop, but the preview screen, for example, has been known to look differently than the construction website looks as you build your pages. This can be frustrating and, if you don’t know code or understand the inner workings of what makes a website, it could be a little overwhelming.

Customizability and sleek design

With its extreme customizability and sleek design, Squarespace is a quality site to consider when researching website builders. Just make sure to weigh the cost of the site and the fact that, though it is a fairly layman approach to web building, you may still need to brush up on website design before you go to work.

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