Content Creation and Syndication

Content creation and syndication, in a nutshell, sums up what I’m sharing with you here … and it’s immensely powerful.

You create content, in the form of short articles, and syndicate that content so that it is freely re-published – and publishable – by others.

For example, in article directories (where the articles can be accessed for further republication), by ezine publishers, and on other websites like blogs.

You can advertise this resource to your newsletter subscribers or blast it out on social media via paid ads to really get some traction. People love free content but make sure you clearly state they have to link to your site in order to use it. This is good for SEO.

This is also often referred to as article marketing …

But I go beyond the traditional meaning of that term to make content creation and syndication even more powerful.

So What Exactly Is Article Marketing?

In its most basic form, it’s about creating a win-win situation between yourself (as the content creator) and publishers of that content.

What Is Syndication and How Is It Done?

Syndication is sending your content out to drive traffic to your website. People don’t know who you are until you go out to where they are to tell them. This can be done in an automated fashion or manually. Later we will discuss how to accomplish this.

Some examples of going to where the people are is setting up opt-in pages and creating an offer for people to trade their emails in exchange for a gift, whitepaper, etc. Once you’ve collected emails proceed to a monthly newsletter. Another way to do this is posting your content to your social media outlets.

Another option might be Podcasting on a regular basis. This is quite a commitment that shouldn’t be taken lightly and you need to be consistent. Make sure you enjoy this and have a long term plan for the future.

Syndication can be done in 2 ways and you may be asking yourself, “Which is more effective?” and my answer would be YES. Both/And is the correct answer and let me spell them out for you.

When you post an article to your blog in WordPress or whatever the platform it can be automated. I stress the word CAN because I know for a fact that WordPress can be set to auto publish your articles to your favorite social media outlets which is super convenient. As for the other web platforms it’s a toss up, some offer that functionality and some don’t. The other way is to manually share via your favorite social media tool [ie-Bufferapp, Hootsuite, etc.].

I prefer Bufferapp but it does have some limitations. Until just recently Bufferapp wouldn’t post to Google+, now that it does I really am enjoying Bufferapp these days. I prefer this app because it is less confusing to use than Hootsuite and more intuitive. Sometimes less is more and in this case it is for me.

Both Bufferapp and Hootsuite offer free accounts but I will leave this decision up to you to fit your needs and organizations goals. The free account limit the number of social media outlets you can post to in both tools by the way. To learn more click here | or

The second way is heading over to a blog that is extremely active in your niche or business vein and ask the site admin to let you guest post to their blog. There is a right and wrong way to approach this. Your articles need to be informative and not “salesy”. Think of those reading the articles not about selling them something. If you add tremendous value then the sales will come in time.

You could also go the route of least resistance which isn’t as good as what I just mentioned but it works and is less time/effort on your part. Oh, did I mention it’s cheap?! Think of this service as a personal assistant to building your value online. It’s called and they charge $2 per article submission.

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