Top 10 Email Subject Lines That Get Opened


Email marketing has been, by far, the best tool around for connecting with existing and potential customers. It’s also a tool that goes unused, or used incorrectly by so many businesses. When you send email out to your existing customers or subscribers it makes your business seem more credible and adds that personal touch that is usually missing through electronic communication. However, before you can even nurture that connection, you will need to get the customers. This means creating email subject lines that won’t get dumped in the spam folder and actually get read.

Email Subject LinesThe phrase “The first impression matters” was never truer than it is with email subject lines. A perfect subject line will grab the users attention and entice them into wanting to find out more.

Here are some of the top email subject lines that get opened. Keep in mind that personalizing them and customizing them can make all the difference.

1. Warning (add enticing info like “reading this email can change your life”)
2. Free offers just for you (People like to get free stuff)
3. This is like cheating (Implies a secret to make something easier for the reader, like making money)
4. Are you making this 100 year old mistake?
5. Less than a minute to huge amounts of website traffic
6. I’m sharing info they don’t want you to know about
7. Do you suffer from<…>?
8. Fwd: Private invitation
9. I really need to share something important/amazing with you
10. The amazing secret to (losing weight, making money, living happily…the options are endless)

Different Styles

There are a few different styles or categories that email subject line fall into as well. Used wisely, these could help get your emails noticed.

How-To Write a Great Subject Line

This one grabs the reader’s attention because it promises to show them how to achieve a certain goal or benefit. Take an irresistible benefit or offer and add “How To”, it’s that simple. “How to make…” has come up as the top opener in this category.
Fascination – This one can use the words “discover”, “amazing”, and “secrets” in the subject line and work because they grab the readers curiosity and make them want to learn.
List – Using a subject line like “10 reasons why…..” shows your audience that you have taken the time to compile a convenient list about a subject that interests them.
Announcements – Sharing news is a great way to make people feel like you are including them in something special or that they are one of the first to hear about something new.
Curiosity – Use a subject line that suggests the person thing they may be missing out on something great. For example “Mark, are you making a common mistake?”
Time sensitive – “Only 3 days left” or “Only 20 copies available”

Above are just some examples of the top email subject lines. You can easily craft your own by following a few simple tips.

Personalize Your Email Subject Lines

A subject line that is personalized is like calling someone by name in a crowd of people. It will grab the attention of the reader. It’s a pretty standard step and you can take it one step further by adding other personal details like the city the receiver lives in. Example: Chris, want to do something fun this weekend? Now make it extra personal: Chris, want to do something fun in Tulsa this weekend?
Keep your subject lines short – Take a look at your own inbox. Does any one subject line really stand out to you? I bet the subject line is a short one. You need to make the subject line short but mention the most important elements in the first couple of words.
Use simple formatting that is understated – What this means is not sending out a subject line in all caps or with too many exclamations. It looks too much like a hard pitch sales method and will end up getting ignored. Write like you would to a friend or family member and keep it professional and personal.

Make use of some compelling angle that will grab your readers interest. Make sure your subject actually has to do with the content of your email. No one likes getting an email with a specific subject line that grabs their interest just to find out that the actual email has nothing at all to do with the subject. It’s misleading and makes you look untrustworthy.


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