Top Five Social Networking Sites Utilized by Marketing Strategists

Top five social networking sites utilized by marketing strategists included Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube and blogs. Of these, Facebook was reported to be the most useful. Most other social networking sites could not hold a candle to these five sites. The leading five have also stayed largely the same going back to 2011.

A couple new classifications were included this time around, which includes Google+, some sites devoted to swapping pictures (including Flickr, Pinterest, as well as Instagram), and so called daily deal websites (including LivingSocial and Groupon). The study has formally taken off Myspace from its roster.

New alterations since 2011: The site Google+ (brought in at the end of 2011) has been reported to be utilized by 4 in 10 social marketing experts. It is surprising that this young new arrival site has gained ground this quickly. Conversely, socially geared bookmark websites dropped precipitously. They have gone from 26% in 2011, dropping down to just 16% at the end of 2012. Forum use has also declined from 24% in late 2011 to 19% at the end of 2012. Some geographic locators have also declined, including Foursquare which went from 17% to 14% between 2011 and 2012.

Linkedin was popular with small business owners (79%) and the self-employed (79%)

Linkedin was popular with small business owners (79%) and the self-employed (79%). However, large business organizations more typically went with Youtube (73%) and were reported to be less likely users of blog sites (55% or lower).

On closer inspection, the social networking sites used by marketers can give insight into how successful their practices may be.

What do you think? Would you agree with these numbers? We would love to hear what people in the real world are using daily.


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