Testimonials Are Important to Your Future Business

It doesn’t get any better in your business marketing than happy customers who want to sell for you! We all have issues with difficult clients and customers. The good news is we also have great customers who in some cases are bigger fans of our business than we are! This is a good thing. People would much rather hear about our business from others experience since we can be a little biased on our business.

Testimonials Are Powerful!

We all have great customers so why not leverage those relationships to help build our credibility? Testimonials are important to your future business because it gives customers a definitive way to measure your success. This is one reason why LinkedIn is so fantastic! With LinkedIn’s recommendations and endorsements it really helps to secure others concerns about your competence to get the job done.

As a side note, if you aren’t on LinkedIn stop what you are doing right now and create your account.

The only thing that is better than a written testimonial is a video testimonial. This is a great way to increase your Search Engine Optimization as well. Upload a video and do a keyword search on your company after you do and see it hit the first page of Google. Take a look at the one I recently secured from MicroPath Labs in Lakeland, Florida.

All this to say, this should be a priority to your company whether big or small. This technique is free and pays the largest dividends by far. Take a look at your client list and choose the 5 most likely customers and pick up the phone to schedule an appointment. Don’t wait on this, you can’t afford to.

  • Patrick

    I recently started my own cleaning business. I’ve cleaned for years working for other people. Most of my clients praise me and think I do a great job and others complain about the stupidest, littliest things. I know this comes with the territory, does this happen to you also? I think I’m being too sensitive, but I really put my all into cleaning for everyone and I can’t understand some of the complaints. Thanks 🙂

    June 25, 2013 Reply
  • Jeanelle the Retard

    I’ve been contacted from a company :
    I just want to know that course is of 3 months for 5000 gbp, does it really worth if i learn derivatives trading from this place?
    Does it have scope(either employed or self employed) and is it practical to do this…?

    All ur experience and opinions will be very much helpful and you want to advise from anyother institute which got better scope you can provide that as well..

    Many thanks,
    Please I need advise whether i should this course and from where and why….?
    i dont want list of uni with out reasonings..


    June 26, 2013 Reply
  • heavenly sword

    Okay, well i’m going towards Art Education when i’m older. I told my mom this, and she told me that it’s going to be hard to find a job because of the economy. Do you know when it’ll be not hard to become a teacher? And what does it have to do with the economy?

    June 30, 2013 Reply
  • toast

    So I’m a 15 1/2 year old girl who is in need of a job! I’m good at babysitting, I have done it before but it’s so hard to find people who are in need of it. I’m too young to set up an account on sittercity. I would love to get a job bussing tables but I don’t want to just walk into a place and ask if they need help, because I doubt most places do. I applied for one job but they didn’t seem to intersted in letting me work there considering it was mostly 18 and older working there and I’m only 15. I really need to make some money this summer. I don’t want to sit in my house and do nothing. The economy is so bad right now and it’s like impossible to get a job around where I live. What should I do?

    July 2, 2013 Reply
  • Cliffy N

    Hi there every one, im going to start a cleaning business and im going to vs all cleaning workers on prices and in order for me to do this it is up to you to help me achieve this by helping me to understand what people today are conning you out on, i understand some window cleaners are very greedy and get more than what they should really but this goes far deeper.

    Now what i need to find is how much do carpet cleaners, window cleaner, tenancy cleaners and detail cleaners are earning in the sole trade system by hour or by job, therefore i can offer you a better deal.

    it is up to you if you want to read on from here or answer the question.

    i have done my revision on problems in the uk and we know that jobs are hard to find and traders cost to much, of course there is nothing out there, at some point we all including the government develop a greed such as things like raising money in tax or petrol stations, and the worst one where the government are thinking about putting tax on bycicalists as they are trying to get more people off the road etc. What im trying to say is money is going up so much it is causing many problems and we just cant afford to pay anything and by now money is a major issue. I intend to change this and i hope to set an example to many others out there who con us. I work as a cleaner and i want to set out on my own but in order for me to start i need to find out how much of these cleaners are earning in the areas above as some are paid by the job or by the hour, i recomment any trador reading this do the same but only if in threat of not getting work at all, i have seen this happen to many already and it winds me up just thinking about it, thank you for reading

    July 2, 2013 Reply
  • Taylor G

    I am the Human Resources Assistant at my company. We have over 650 employees. There are several times where I need to send out emails to the entire agency. What is the general consensus on adding a link to my LinkedIn profile in my email signature?

    July 3, 2013 Reply
  • LN13

    I am 18 years old and I am wanting to start my own (very small) business. I currently work as a nanny for a disabled mother of two and am looking to extend my services to others. I have a passion for housekeeping and childcare and I am looking to start my own little business that offers housekeeping and childcare services for affordable rates.
    I will post the kinds of services I have for housekeeping and how I have it set up to give you an idea of the type of business I want. I was just wondering, is this allowed? Or do I have to have a business license and get insurance? I live in a small town and will be just working by myself. Thanks for the help! Will reward best answer!
    ALSO: I am trying to name my business as well so any name suggestions helps!! 🙂

    Housekeeping Service: *1 session = up to 4 hours of work
    Basic Cleaning: $20 per session; Includes wipe down and sensitization of all surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms, dishes, taking out the trash, dusting, floor wipe downs, vacuuming, making beds, changing bed linens, and more basic cleaning needs.

    Add on Services:
    Laundry: $5 (W/ Basic Cleaning) $10 (W/O Basic Cleaning); includes folding and ironing
    Bed Stripping: $2 (W/ Basic Cleaning) $5 (W/O Basic Cleaning); includes the take down, washing, and remake of bed with fresh linens

    July 8, 2013 Reply
  • Malcolm Hudson

    I have a clickbank mall script/marketplace at http://www.rpqm.com but I got only 1% conversion on it. Is it because of the pricing? Probably because of the sales letter. Any suggestion on ow to add more on the conversion rate?

    Also, I have a review script at http://www.reviewsscript.com and have a demo at http://demo.reviewsscript.com and http://www.reviewsscript.com/demo2/ even though it is a demo I always have sales in http://demo.reviewsscript.com and only few at http://www.reviewsscript.com/demo2/ but for me the last demo was more appealing. How come it is not? Is it because of the niche? Which is more demanding niche? Thanks!

    July 8, 2013 Reply
  • lildevilgurl152004

    If I post a Twitter status, I would like it to also reflect on Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook. I know there is an app for Facebook to do this but is there something more universal?

    July 8, 2013 Reply
  • toysruslover

    University of Sheffield/Leeds (or Loughborough, MA digital media), marketing graduate, in the position of choosing a school and program. They offer (CIM)course, so how is CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing)? Is it crucial for a marketing worker? How important is it?

    July 15, 2013 Reply
  • JackReynolds

    I have a website and I post articles there often. I use CMS but everytime I share my article link on Linkedin or Facebook the thumbnail image never shows even if I always insert images in my article, instead it’s an empty box in thumbnail area which is really ugly. Can anyone tell me how to make the thumbnail show?? Thanks loads!!!

    July 21, 2013 Reply
  • llb443

    If you update your profile on Linkedin, or create a poll, or join a discussion forum, can your other contacts on linkedin see your updates? If so, do they see the updates every day, or every week, or every month? How does it work?

    August 7, 2013 Reply
  • Courtney

    I have connected through LinkedIn and asked if they are hiring, they have all responded “not at this moment”. I want to follow up but dont want follow up too soon and then alienate them.

    August 16, 2013 Reply
  • Rishi

    I just joined Linkedin, and would like to add 3 of my previous bosses as contacts. 2 of them were my bosses during internships, and another was my boss during an actual job. Is it inappropriate to request them to be contacts?

    Who am I supposed to add as contacts?

    August 17, 2013 Reply
  • Jonathan

    My uncle has to get a new job, and it was recommended that he join some social networking sites such as LinkedIn to gain connections and speak to others in his profession. I was asked to gather a list of these sites for him, but the only thing I can think of is LinkedIn. I know there are ones like Facebook and MySpace, but I mean more professional-geared sites. Any suggestions?

    August 25, 2013 Reply
  • Mike

    I have a business account on linkedin and cannot fathom how to put a logo in my experience section like some members have, does anyone have any idea whatsoever on how to do this please? I have tried googling it before anyone asks and have trolled through page after page and website after website, found some interesting stuff but not what i need.

    September 2, 2013 Reply

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