What Is Inbound Marketing and Does It Work?

Some of you may be wondering what is inbound marketing and does it work? Let me attack this one item at a time.

What is inbound marketing?

It is a comprehensive marketing plan that focuses on social media, banner ad placement, podcasts, and any other online media where your audience may be.

The concept is to be in front of those who want you to be in front of them. This may be because they agree with your point of view or your interests align. So, no SPAM [which is good by the way], no phone calls reaching out to them, or anything that “interrupts” their day. In essence, they come to you. At least this is what the guru’s want you to think.

Do people not want to be interrupted? I know I hate being interrupted unless it’s something that I’m really interested in. The hard part about this form of marketing is it is extremely slow and I think it’s just an old concept with a new name. Supposedly, this appeases those who hate to pick up the phone or meet someone on the street.

So does it work?

Sort of. Before I get any hate mail please just hear me out. In most cases those who look to be an overnight success ARE NOT. What I mean is, people don’t see the years, yeah years, that person poured into their inbound marketing.

At the end of the day though, people do business with people not Twitter, Facebook or Emails. Nothing beats picking up the phone and hearing a person’s voice at the other end except face to face encounters. If you are starting from zero with your business marketing and you want to hang your hat on inbound marketing be prepared to experience very slow growth.

Now did I say don’t do it? Absolutely not, I practice it myself. What I am saying is don’t sit in a dark room in front of a glowing screen and expect to watch your profits soar.

In addition to your inbound marketing program you have to be out there joining your local chambers if that is where your clients are. Industry events are also a great place to network. Remember inbound marketing is only a percentage of your overall marketing landscape. The phone is your friend I promise. Introverts finish last and the last thing someone wants to do is get another email or talk to another machine. Human interaction is key!


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