Do Your Messages to Your Customers Get Lost In Translation?

The other day we were eating at Chipotle in Tampa and noticed something strange as the cashier handed me the bag. The first two words on the bag at the top said, “Lorem Ipsum”. Lorem Ipsum is the beginning of a Latin phrase used in the design world as a placeholder for the real content that has yet to be approved. The reason this practise is used is so that the designer can see what the design will look like once it’s replaced with “REAL” content.

It struck me as odd that it was missed prior to going to print on like a bazillion bags. Then it was missed again before being distributed to all the store locations. I believe there is a lesson here to be learned even beyond the obvious, proof read.

So is your messages to your customers get lost in translation? How many times have we in the business world approved a message to our beloved joe public without giving it the thought it deserves. Every piece of material that goes out should be checked and cross checked to see what the customer actually is understanding. Isn’t that the basics of communication?

The Clarity of the Message

If I say the word “normal” what pops into your head? Normal is such a subjective word isn’t it? What’s normal to me is not quite so normal to Norm. So specificity is key. Not just key, but could be either life or death to your company. So forget trying to your message in front of the right people. First step is what is your message. Is it “Lorem Ipsum” which is basically meaningless? Don’t get caught up in the fast paced marketplace and forget your identity or better yet your value proposition to future customers. So do your messages to your customers get lost in translation?


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