New FREE Web Crawler Tool by Internet Marketing Ninjas

I found this insane tool on Internet Marketing Ninjas recently and wanted to share. It’s not new to them or the internet world but it’s new to me. It helps you to decipher if you have any broken links on your site as well. It is a spider that crawls every link URL you have related to your domain.

Let me back up and talk about search engine optimization real quick. SEO is an ever changing animal that you have to hunt down with extreme prejudice. Once you have a general idea on what it is and why it’s important to your site then you can be more direct with your online marketing.

Backlinking is what’s the main objective when trying to rank on Google and Bing. Simply put, backlinking is when someone or you mention your URL in a post, comment, or forum. There used to be these backlinking farms that search engines hated because it doesn’t provide any useful information to the user trying to search the web. So the algorithms have changed in order to combat this type of practice.

These days since post penguin from Google it’s all about content rather than just links. The backlinks are  still important as long as they are coming and going to useful information. Just putting a bunch of random keywords on a page days are over and everyone is trying to adjust to these changes.

You may be thinking, “Well, I’ll write a few blog posts then submit the same content to a bunch of high traffic sites to point them back to my website. Wrong, if you do that the new Google algorhythms will ignore all of your hard work. Google wants “unique” content. What is unique? It is at minimum 50% new content. So nouns, verbs, and adjectives need to be at least 50% different than other articles out there. You can write about a subject over and over as long as the content is unique.

Okay, back to this new free web crawler tool by Internet Marketing Ninjas. this site has some other great free tools as well but this one impressed me the most. All you have to do is put in your URL here then press the button. That’s it, you can then let it crawl you site or a competitors to see where they get their traffic from. This is especially important if they keep beating your in rankings.

Let me know what you think. Do you believe it will help you with rankings? Is there a better tool you’ve run across? Let us know.


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