Business Advice When It Comes to Personality Marketing

My business advice when it comes to personality marketing is to just let it come out. At the end of the day people do business with people. That is why social marketing has taken off and has become a vital part of the marketing process. If all you show your prospects and current customers is business all of the time you will loose them, FAST! Business is so boring to most people, even to other businesses. What they want to do is see the real you…especially if you are a smaller business.

People get upset when they can’t talk to a human being on the phone. I know we are all busy but why not allow some of that personality leak into your marketing? You may be thinking, “What if people don’t like me?” That’s their problem and you probably don’t want them as a customer.

You want fans of your company not just customers. Fans are much more likely to send you more business because they are your cheerleaders. Organizations that understand this concept leverage their core stories to bring life their product or service. In most cases people need to see passion and will buy into that before a list of product details. Inspire people to buy; don’t beat them over the head.

Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously

What gets me out of bed in the morning is when I think about interfacing with my customers, because I love people. The more distinct and different the person is to myself the better! Meeting new and interesting people is where it’s at. Talking to others helps me to focus on them as people and not just a revenue stream. Businesses are picking up on this fact, which is why you see so many commercials about talking to a person not a phone system.

Commercial spots on prime time aren’t cheap yet this concept is so important companies that they are spending hundreds of thousands on personal stories. We as people love stories and causes greater than ourselves or our products. Being able to tell those stories injects that personality of your company. Every company has a personality that is living and breathing. If your customers don’t witness that they just won’t be interested in your product or service.

So, how can you express yourself as a small or medium sized company through story personality? I hope you answer is via social media if you aren’t already there. Remember, doing business is about people and how they are to be valued no matter how difficult.

What are your ideas? I would love to hear them in the comments below. Do you agree or disagree?

  • Patrick

    I am thinking of studying one of these 2 courses but not sure with one to take, do you have any idea what the difference is.

    May 27, 2013 Reply
  • maskills24

    I want to become a Young investor, I’m 13. I remember when I was younger, I had a friend who said he invested in companies like Greggs ect. – He may have been lying, I dont know.

    I’ve got about £120 to invest into things. I dont have any experience in stocks ect. All advice welcome.

    May 30, 2013 Reply
  • SKATEskum

    Obviously, photographers get their business form multiple sources. It may be from your website, your facebook page, word of mouth, or advertising.

    In your experiences, which one has gotten you the most business? So far I’m finding that word of mouth is my strongest asset, but I’m wondering which one really has the largest pull for other people.

    I’m somewhere in between sucking and having your own business. I can get decent money for taking pictures, but I’m still in school and I have to focus my attention on whatever outlets are going to get me the most bang for my buck. It sucks that there are so many other people out there doing it, cause some of them don’t have the photo know-how. I am one of the few that actually know how to use their camera in full manual mode and retouch correctly* in photoshop.

    I’m not an amateur begging for business, just a fellow semi-professional looking for a little guidance. But I’m tempted to thumbs down you anyway, for putting me into a category with those people! Shame on you.

    June 7, 2013 Reply
  • Sonny

    I’m currently writing my first novel and I was wondering if you can become a Millionaire from just one book. I understand that it’s hard to publish and sell books. How can you get your book to make you a Millionaire?

    July 16, 2013 Reply
  • Malcolm Hudson

    I have been into photography for the last 5 years or so. I’m 27 but will be turning 28 this July. I’ve signed up for a photography course this summer at a local university. Sometimes I feel like I’m too old to start a career so late. I’m interested in portrait photography. My wife stands behind me 100%. Other ppl in my family think I’ve lost my mind. Can anyone give me any advice. Thanks, and have a great weekend.

    July 28, 2013 Reply
  • XplicitzZ

    I need some advice on what to major in this coming fall in college. I have already registered for nursing, but it wouldn’t be a problem at all to change it. I am second guessing my decision. Nursing is a hard major, and requires a lot of hard work and long hours of studying, however, in the end I feel that it would be worth it because of the nationwide nursing shortage. Therefore, I wouldn’t mind the tough 4 years if in the end I had good job security. The other option, would be Business Administration / Finance / or Marketing. Something of that nature. This is what i feel I would like the best, and the school im going to has a 3-Year Bachelors program. I could finish this in 3 years, or I could finish nursing in 4. The business job field is a little more risky and not as secure, but the duties of a nurse sound like something i would end up not liking.. (constantly being in a hospital, working with sick people, etc). Business on the other hand, sounds pretty good to me. Helping companies make money, using strategies, etc. That is what kind of personality I have. I am registered for nursing, but I slipped an Intro to Business class in there, too. But, if I think i won’t like nursing, why should i waste the time and possibly get behind in the classes?
    I would just go ahead and change to business, because that is what i like more, but I do not want to finish school and not be able to get a good job like i could with nursing! HELP!!
    If you have majored in either one of these, please give me some advice. I move in Aug. 21 and I want to have my mind made up before then. Any help is appreciated!!! Thanks guys!!!

    August 24, 2013 Reply

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