Does Google Rank Using Social Media?

When working with a new customer on their website sometimes they ask why their traffic isn’t all that great. My reply is, “Are you social linking?” So what is a social linking? Social links are normal Facebook Shares, Twitter Tweets, and Google+ shares that create a connection between a social media user’s follower and your content. It’s drawing an audience from your social media status updates to your website via a link directly to your blog. I’m sure your next question is, “Does Google rank using social media?” The answer is an emphatic ‘Yes!’.

WordPress is cool in the way that when you post to your blog there are plugins that create excerpts of your article and auto-magically creates a “read more” link. This link takes them to your blog post of course. It’s pretty amazing to say the least. All of this happens without you having to think about it. Pretty sweet.

I ran across this video last night and thought I would share what Google has to say about it. What better way to determine if Google actually takes into account social links to help get you to the top of the searches? In this video, you will see Matt Cutts with Google answering the question we are asking in this very post. Let me know what you guys think about this in the comments below or on our social connections.

I know this information isn’t breaking since this was posted a few years ago, but I get asked this so often that I thought it would help to confirm here on my blog.


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