Annoying Marketing Strategies

There is this stupid toy machine at our local Walmart that is close to the speedy check out lines. That’s where I spend most of my time, not Walmart but speedy check out lines, only to find out they aren’t so speedy. Am I right?! As I’m standing there wishing I brought my ear buds for my iPhone I kind of go insane. Not the, commit me to the ward insane but the fleeting thought of, “I might punch myself in the face to get it to stop!”  kind of insane. The thought always comes back, after I’ve blocked out the painful memory, “Does annoying marketing strategies really work?!”

Does it work for you?

I just remember the story my mom read to me growing up about the sun and the north cloud that had a contest. It was an Aesop Fable  those were the best. The contest was to see which one could blow the coat off of a weary traveler. So the north wind had his chance to remove the coat so he blew extremely hard and the traveler held on all the more. After the north wind had his bit of fun it was the suns turn. The sun simply came out and warmed the traveler which in turn made him hot so he removed his coat to cool off.

So what does this have to do with annoying marketing strategies? Everything! What I tell every non profit I talk to about raising money is you have to inspire one to give not ask. The question is, do you inspire or annoy someone to give you money? You don’t have to be a non profit for this to work. People want to give to something that is meeting a need. They don’t want to give to someone or something they can’t get behind.

Our society has realized that consumerism isn’t everything it is cracked up to be. It leaves holes in their pockets and their souls.


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