Facebook Pay Per Click Ads

I’ve been experimenting with Facebook pay per click ads over the last few weeks and have learned a few things. When I started looking into this as a way to bring in more customers for BrandAid I was a bit hesitant. Mainly, I was hesitant from the horror stories I’ve read from people who have jumped into Google Adwords without knowing what they were doing. Admittedly my hesitation was unfounded so I decided to give it a whirl.

As I started building the ad, I realized the way that Facebook has set up their ad builder for novice users it made me a bit less tense. If you can see the ad reach from my campaign I highlighted the number 560,700 because I wanted you to see the potential here. The way that I got to this number was in answering the questions Facebook was asking me about who my customer was by interest.

So let’s start from left to right at the top of the image above. What is the campaign reach? Mine was 15,655 at the time of this post. Campaign reach is the number of unique people who saw ads from this campaign. The frequency is the average number of times you reached each person. The social reach was a bit curious to me but it just means the number of unique people who saw an ad in this campaign with social information. For example, if 3 people see an ad 2 times that says a friend likes your Page, it counts as 3 social reaches.

The verdict is still out on this as I’ve budgeted $50 and as you can see from my snapshot I’ve spent $12.31. What are your experiences with social media advertisements? Shoot us a note below or on Twitter @brandaid1. To learn more about Facebook ads click here: Facebook Ads



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