Facebook Fan Page Marketing

It’s been an exciting few weeks here at aBrandAid.com! You may ask why, well I’ll tell you why, our Facebook fan page is really taking of in a manner of speaking. Our fan page isn’t that old, if it were a child I’d say it’s still a toddler.

For those who may be new to Facebook fan pages, Facebook doesn’t start showing you analytics until you reach 30 likes. That is why when you look at our analytics it starts at zero. Don’t get me wrong, we had to work hard to get these results and spend hours, but as you can see our efforts have paid off. How would you like your Facebook reach to look like this?!

So from January 18 to February 5 our reach went from 0 to 470 people reached. The numbers speak for themselves really, pushing a 1,000% increase over in 22 days. What could we do in 6 months?! Stay tuned. So if you were wondering how we did this shoot me a message so that we can help you achieve the same results for your company.

I did stumble across an interesting tool today by Wolfram|Alpha who will give you an extremely detailed report online for free! Very enlightening to be sure. There are many tools out there for free or super cheap to help you get to an ROI on your social media marketing so start digging in.




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