Risky Marketing Strategies!

If you would like to let your brain be lazy and just watch this post in YouTube form then click the video at the end, otherwise, read this.

Failure is not the worst thing to ever happen to your marketing, a life devoid of feeling free enough to try is.

I created a direct mail piece [that’s right-direct mail-it is viable for some marketing] for a client and it was something that I’d never seen done before in the industry and that is why I wanted to test it. It took some convincing but finally got the client to go with it. We waited a week and started getting phone calls off of it. It worked and so when I was ready to do it again the client wanted to make changes to it! I asked why and their reason had nothing to do with results.

The point of the story it that we have to take chances on failing sometimes in order to break through traditional best practices. Sometimes we have to look at completely different industries and taking what works from there and implementing it into our own. We have to be creative in our approach to getting the attention of our customers in a world full of special effects and sound bytes. Many times in marketing for our respective industries there comes a time that you have to break the mold in order to attain success in your message.

So my encouragement would be, take a chance on what might NOT work in order to figure out IF it does and don’t beat yourself up over the failures. It happens and it should happen a lot, if not you aren’t trying hard enough.



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