Top 5 Branding Pet Peeves

So sometimes I’m a little crazy when it comes to branding standards. If you do not know what that is, just think of it as the rule book of your branded self image. There are some things that just frustrate me to death!! So now it’s time to confess:

  • Squished logos-If the logo looks like a truck ran over it then something is wrong, can’t you tell?!

  • Logo Colors-So changing the logo to gold doesn’t make it look classy, don’t change the original colors.

  • Embossed-The 80’s called, don’t do it.

  • Too Detailed-Too much detail in a logo can kill it instantly making it very forgettable.

  •  Inappropriate-Do get your mind out of the gutter.

Keep away from these downfalls and I think you will have a great brand worthy of showing off.


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