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If you are using YouTube as a seasoned veteran you will know that prior to Google+ you could name your YouTube account anything you wanted to. However, now they have changed this for new users by forcing them to inherit their Google+ profile name which would be something like, Chris Florence instead of “your business name here”.

I know what you’re thinking, “I’ll just link it to my business page on Google+!” Yeah, in a perfect world. I’m hoping to save you all some time because as of the writing of this blog post Google doesn’t offer the ability to link your YouTube account to your page. You are SOL sorry.

If you’ve been using YouTube for a while now and you get a message to change your channel to your plus profile name [highlight]DO NOT[/highlight] do it unless you want to. If you want to maintain that branding consistency across your inbound marketing then just decline because Google will let you opt out. Your plus account and channel will not be connected via pages though.

The good news and happy ending to the story is that the Google team has heard our cries and they are hard at work on connecting Youtube channels to organization pages. You’re welcome, if Google is good at doing anything when it comes to updates it is listening to what the users want…in most cases.

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