Does Inbound Marketing Work?

Inbound marketing is a concept in marketing that combines a number of online marketing strategies that appeal potential customers or visitors to a website instead of disrupting their online events through paid strategies. It involves understanding the needs of the target audience in order to meet these specific needs.

This marketing technique involves a number of processes such as conversion rate and social media optimization, content marketing, and search engine optimization. These are cost-effective strategies as they provide long-term effects and do not rely on large amounts of marketing budgets. This provides longevity when it comes to the generation of revenues and branding.

Social, trust, and usage indicators are given importance by search engines as determining factors in the search visibility of sites. These provide the metric on the overall authority of the website and its webpages.

Inbound Marketing: An ROI-targeted strategy

Inbound marketing is a great marketing tool. There are fewer expenses when inbound marketing is used compared to old-fashioned outbound marketing. Generation of leads involves less than 62% per lead and acquiring customers through these techniques have a higher percentage. Thus, higher revenues can be created for a lower investment cost.

Blog and content marketing allows better indexing by search engines as this allows 55% to 400% increase in website traffic.

The major search engine Google has an estimated that more than 3 billion searches have been done. Most of these queries involve information about local businesses, products, and services.

Marketing campaigns are made more effective because of the large number of social platform users. The number of users around the world who uses Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and others reach up to an estimated number over a billion.

Customer acquisition methodologies involve creation of useful branded content. It involves reviewing/buying/researching a particular product or service. Blogging can increase acquisition of clienteles.

It is easier to convert traffics to leads and as most marketing channels can be measured and improved through Google Analytics or any Analytics Software.

The following are some of the techniques that small and medium-sized industries can utilize to boost the traffic, brand strength, and conversions of their website.

Integrate SEO and Content Marketing

Implementing a marketing campaign that is full inbound involves SEO and is considered to be an advantage to include content strategy as this allows you to plan out the significant keywords that you need in the campaign. You can then plan out on how to distribute the keywords on the pages of your website as this increases your rankings on Google, Bing, and other major search engines for specific terms.

Optimization of site is an important task to do to make your website regularly crawled by search engines. There are a number of optimization strategies that you can use on your website to assist your content marketing tactic.

These strategies include creating an XML sitemap, using anchor texts/descriptive keywords for the internal linking of the site ensure that there is an increase in the visibility of the content.
Site optimization for results done locally and this include distribution of keywords that are location-based on different landing pages.
Your content should be sharable by increasing the visibility of social buttons to users.
You can check your site’s speed by using Page Speed Online of the major search engine Google to assess the performance of your site which depends on the optimal speed and monitor what factors or components of the site are influencing the loading process of your pages.
Increase brand and trust signals by emphasizing on the privacy policy, about us page, trust seals, social proof, and disclaimer as these gauge the authoritativeness of a site.
Optimization of rich snippet through implementing microdata and rel=”author” to the important pages and content of your site; thereby increasing the prominence on search results.
Keyword research is one the important sections of SEO as small and medium-sized businesses can implement this strategy develop their content marketing by using low competition high search volume keywords that can target specific audience in finding content on the web.
Utilize different tools for keyword research such as Google Insights for Search, Google Keyword Tool, and Ubersuggest, and to find viable keywords that have a high search volume.
Utilize campaign’s target keywords for your content’s titles as people use those words when they are searching for content as this can increase the search rankings of your content for specific search terms.
The basis of your general plan should be directed on creating valuable and interesting content for your focused clienteles and on how your products can serve their best interests.

Integrate Social Media Programs with Link Development

The best way of gaining better rankings in the search engines for the targeted keywords in your campaign is through combining editorial link credits to the content of your site plus utilizing social signals.

It is significant that your site contains high quality content that would motivate people to link naturally or share with their linkages.

Your high quality content can be launched through various content promotion strategies that include the following:

Social Media Promotion and Link Building

You can search and create a list of influential social media sharers and linkers in your trade that will consider your content to be valuable and be able to share your content. You can send an email and query if it would interest them to read your content.

Content Distribution

You can boost your content’s search visibility by directing and creating artificial links to it and this can be done in various ways of content marketing:

Link to your content through slide presentations, free ebooks, and free whitepapers.
Build links through press release submissions.
Perform guest blogging to be able to link to your content.
Build links to high quality content by engaging on significant communities and forums.
Write news important to the industry and post that in a guest column or blog to highly-related blogs or news websites.
Propose your content to be introduced on newsletters of other bloggers.
Reach out to other individuals and communities in your field that have a strong group of followers and readership. There is a high probability that they perform content-sharing especially if the work has a link to their website or works.

Build relationships

One of the best tools in content marketing is to build relationships with industry influencers as there is a high probability of obtaining social links and natural links from their audience, networks, and followers.

Their followers can be absorbed if you are able to gain their confidence and trust and have them share to their networks your own content. This also directs to an increase in brand followers who will promote the new updates of your site.

Analyse Competition

Assess the components that let people link or share the content of your competitor. This process is done by identifying their key followers and the best domains that link to them as well on various social networks. Top linked pages can be determined through Open Site Explorer. Influencers who share content can also be research through Topsy.

Analyse these aspects and beat their strategy by evaluating their social and linking behavior through research on the data of your competitor. Find a strategy on how you can let these people link to your content as well.

Lead Nurturing and Social Media

Social communities make it easier for businesses to share their messages effectively. People are heavy users of social media channels as they share useful and compelling ideas that are connected to their hobbies and likes.

It is significant to develop an active community internally or externally as there is an increase in the possible leads that can be generated to your enterprise as the group grows as this allows the spreading of awareness of your industry/product/services. This also assists the strong build-up of the online presence of a specific brand.

The following are strategies on how you can improve your lead generation and social marketing:

Develop Freebies for Returning Visitors

You have to entice your visitors into returning to your site as these are the ones who have the highest probability of purchasing from your site as they already trust the brand and have the experience of what your brand can provide to the group.

You can provide various freebies like newsletters, ebooks, blog posts that are comprehensive, webinars, tools, and extensive lessons.

Every facet of your content marketing will be improved and you can improve and increase in your email list the number of your sign-ups as this will broaden the information you can obtain with your audience and send them messages that are specifically targeted to them.

Ignite Social Conversations through Content

Social networks are one of the best media where you can reach your audience. You are not limited to sharing your own content but you can also share relevant content by your link prospects and competitors that your audience are interested of.

These various contents can ignite dialogues with your followers and link targets; thus, a number of benefits can be gained from these opportunities. User-generated content can be created using social profiles as these can build your external community.

Create a Community within your site

It is significant that your site improve its capability to engage users as search engines utilize usage-data as one of the factors in ranking. There are potential new visitors that utilize this factor as a way of evaluating whether a site is worth investing their time.

There are various ways of engaging users such as creating conversations through the comment’s section, forums, organizing awards and/or contests, and welcoming guest bloggers to your site. The aforementioned strategies can create more brand loyalists/followers and generate a great probabilty of increasing leads to your business.

Be a Proponent of Social Sharing

You can increase your readership, and generate more follower and leads if your site increases the number of referred visitors through social encounters. Make sure that your site is navigable and that visitors can easily share your content by creating your social icons very discernable on the pages of your site. This is extremely important especially if your site has content that is very useful or interesting.

Evaluate and Optimize for Conversions

It is vital to evaluate and track the performance of your campaign as understanding your output and significant areas require your attention in speeding up the procedure of reaching your objectives for your marketing campaign.

Small and medium enterprises should be particular in evaluating certain metrics as these determine where the campaign should be headed in the next direction.

Your campaign’s performance can utilize various metrics that can be categorized into four varying parts that include traffic, content, engagement, and conversions.

Monthly unique visitors vs. returning visitors

You can assess the impact of your online marketing campaign by comparing the performance of preceding months to that of the current month. This online marketing campaign involves SEO, content marketing, and social media.

Traffic Sources

Classify referring websites and traffic sources that send traffic with top user-activity (lower bounce rate, visit longer on the site, and scan more of the site’s internal pages). If you can identify which websites direct the best targeted traffic, you can improve your strategy on lead generation.

Best performing pages

Evaluate what are the best performing pages of your site in terms of user activity and page views as these can be converted to your campaign’s target in link building. You can also improve the pages’ CTAs to maximize conversions.

Search Rankings and Keyword Performances

Assess if your focused keywords are performing well on your anticipated search results localities and if they will boost traffic that has a call to action based on page visits, landing page, and bounce rate.

Increase audience reach

You can assess the efficiency of your target generation campaign if you monitor the development of the reach of your brand in terms of blog subscriptions, social networks, and email subscribers.

There are also various tools that can be utilized to measure the size and growth of the audience for various sectors through Feedburner, Klout, and Mailchimp/Aweber.

Goal Conversions

Utilize Analytics to set up the goals of your campaign and monitor the performance of your site’s most significant landing pages. Monitor the sources of traffic that generate leads to your site and decide on improving the process of generating traffic of your landing pages.

Assess your Landing Pages

You can utilize Google Website Optimizer to check the power of your product/landing/service pages’ call to action to determine the page elements that charm your visitors to convert more to you site’s goals.
We hope this guide will direct your inbound marketing strategies for 2013 and beyond. Lead the path to your future and smash your competition by following the outlined steps.

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