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I decided to write this post mainly because I’ve been fighting with plugins and Google for the last few days on all of my websites that I maintain for either me or for clients. The beautiful thing about WordPress plugins is they are free MOST of the time. That is not always the case though. There is one in particular called Network Publisher which has historically worked flawlessly for my sites so I always have them on my “have to download” list when building or enhancing a website.

When I first started using the plugin it was 100% free and could link unlimited social networks to your blog. It auto posts to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn when you create a new blog post like I am doing right this second. Well, they trimmed down their free service from unlimited networks to 2 and if you wanted to upgrade then you could pay a nominal monthly fee. I could live with that.

Recently I received a notice stating that I had 40 posts left for free and if I wanted to post more then I would have to pay to use the product. That sucks. That’s like saying you can take that car home for free then saying that you have 40 days left to drive it then you’ll have to  buy it. I thought you gave it to me? I guess they realized that you could post from your blog to either Twitter or Facebook then link either social account to post to the other so 2 networks wasn’t going to encourage people to pay. Whatever.

Then I heard that Google announced they were getting rid of Feedburner all together which I was going to use to post to my social networks as my alternative to Network Publisher! Ugh. Time to make some lemonade.

In comes IFTTT, nice. This has been around awhile and I’ve been busy working so missed it but it still has the new smell on it for me. IFTTT stands for IF This Then That which is an equation of sorts. It operates on the simplicity of “If RSS then Twitter” or whatever combinations you can conceive. They call them “Recipes”

Well, there are some issues with violations with Twitter’s new use policies on it’s API and if you don’t know hat that means it just means Twitter isn’t making any money and now they want to.

IFTTT is FREE for now and can handle the posting automatically for your blog regardless of persuasion [ie WordPress etc.]. It accomplishes this via an RSS feed. It can do far more than that but this is what I needed it for so…good bye Network Publisher. To learn more about IFTTT click here –  About IFTTT

  • have faith

    Starting a social media business isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s more about simply trolling social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Most businesses don’t require special expertise to be able to post a blog on their website and then link it to their social networking profiles. – See more at:

    June 23, 2013 Reply
  • Stevalicious

    How does a business owner track their results? Are there tools or software that can show true return on investment numbers to meashure their social media? Example: Google Analytics is one great tool to identify online traffic by impeding a code within your website or blog. What other tools are on the market?

    June 23, 2013 Reply
  • skychi99

    I have used some stats plugins. They either didn’t work, or were depressing (full of social media I’m not connected to)

    What is a simple, one-click install way to keep track of visitors? Thanks

    July 3, 2013 Reply
  • Ryan Dunn

    a. It reduces the cost per blog post.
    b. keep readers engaged and also gives search engines content to index.
    c. it gives the social media marketing specialist something to do.
    d. it allows more chances for the company to put down the competition.

    July 14, 2013 Reply

    I am doing research for my blog and I am looking for as many social media websites to be included.

    August 24, 2013 Reply

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